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GIAW 2013 Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2013

GIAW 2013 Sponsors

Please visit and support these intact-friendly businesses and groups!



Intact Austin


Mama's Felt Cafe


Saving Greys


Green Tidings


Earth Mama Birth


 A Woman's Work Birth Services


 Mighty Scentsible

 Toss the Polish - Jamberry Nails


 Know Better, Do Better Birth Services

 Totally Threads

 Free Range Family Designs

 Making Mama's Milk & More

 Peaceful Beginnings From Rosemary

 Tigerlily Mama

 This Little Piggy Photography

Chicago, IL


 Natural Parenting Resources

✰  J&L Wood Toys

 Sacred Journey Birth Services

Washington D.C.


Want to support your cause in a BIG way?

Purchase banners, large signs and vinyl decal graphics from Signazon!



GIAW Individual Sponsors


Nick B.

Jennifer B.

Olivia C. 

Jonathon C.

Erin D.

Autumn P.

James B.

Mija C.

Harry G.

James T.

Heather C.

Elizabeth H. 

"In honor of my intact 6 year old son and the Whole Christian Network"


Erin B.

Emily K.

Karen G.

Candice Y.

"In honor of my intact husband and children."

Mike B.

Jeffrey G.

Mandi O.

Donna P-H.

Olivia R.

Gillian L.

Olivier Z.

Deborah W.

Jennifer G.

Amber C.

Michael W.

Janna T.

Amy R.

Miranda H.

Lisa T.

William W.

Shelley W.

Danielle O.

Mary B.

"In honor of Boston B."

Jacquelyn N.

Dana C.

"In honor of my Aunt Debbi."

Mollie V. 

"To David: Mommy knows better now, and I am so sorry."

Lindsey M.

Danielle S.

Dana G.

"In honor of my 10 month old intact son."

Nancy J.

Janice S.

Melanie W.

Alana H.

"For other parents. We made an important decision because of DrMomma. Let your child decide for himself."

Ruth C.

Heather L.

"In honor of my intact 4 year old son, and 2 week old cut nephew."

Joelle P.

Meghan P.

Mary L.

Sarah F.

Colleen F.

Amanda H.

Wendianne E.

Ronald D. 

Emily B.

"I can't be in D.C. for GIAW this year - which makes me really sad, but some of my funds can be! I am choosing to donate $333 because I hear 3 is a magic number and I would like GIAW to be as magical as can be! Bring on the real-life baby-saving wizardry, friends! Babies need their whole magic wands to cast the best spells. ♥"

Ruth S.

Kristin P.

Kelly W.

Marc L.

Jessica S.

Hong-Jei C.

Faith C.

Honor S.

 Miranda H.

Shannon W.

Linda C.

Gayland W.

"In honor of my son, Ezra, who was saved by grassroots efforts like Saving Our Sons and and other mamas just like me who are spreading the word. He's a lucky, intact boy! Save ALL the babies!"

Brittany G.

"I turn 29 today! In celebration, I am giving $29."

Norm C.

"In memory of my brother, Aaron Cohen."

Joel N.

Danelle D. 

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