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GIAW 2014 Genital Integrity Awarenes Week 2014

GIAW 2014 Sponsors

Please visit and support these intact-friendly businesses and groups!


Placenta encapsulation specialists and training globally.

Local services and meetings from PBi's founder in Las Vegas, NV.


Butterfly Family Support Services

Counseling and lactation services with a focus on the prenatal and postpartum periods.

Serving families in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas.


Amber Lien Images

Professional photography in Griswold, Jewett City and surrounding areas of Connecticut.


Hampton Roads Placenta Encapsulation

Serving expecting and new mothers in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surrounding areas.


Earth Mama Birth

Serving families in Howell, Michigan and surrounding areas.


Know Better, Do Better Birth Services

Serving families in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.


Mt. Hope Herb Farm and Greenhouse

Hope, Michigan


Intact Michigan

Public Page | Private Discussion Group


Intact Tennessee

Public Page | Private Discussion Group



✰ Semi-Crunchy Creations

Fleece shorts, pants, reusable snack bags, wet bags, pail liners, breast pads and more!



✰ German Made Easy

Universal App for iPad and iPhone



✰ Life Blooms Birth Services

Serving families in Livonia, Michigan and surrounding areas



✰ Honeybuns Cloth Diapers


✰ New Life Images

(business link currently unavailable)


Top Shelf Cleaning

Professional cleaning in Virginia Beach, Virginia and surrounding areas.



GIAW Individual Sponsors


Nick B.


Danelle D.


Amber C.

"In honor of Collin, who I couldn't save."


Jessica S.

"In honor of my three brothers; because I was protected and they were not."

Vivi M.
"Celebrating Phineas ~ the first boy to be intact in many generations."

Dana C.

"In honor of the babies we have not been able to save, but those whose suffering we will not forget."

Erin D.

"In honor of the two boys I tried so hard to save, but failed."

Danielle H.

"In honor of the boy I circumcised with my own two hands before I knew better.

It is the biggest regret of my life. Thankfully, I knew better before I had a son of my own."


Erin B.

Gillian L.

Elizabeth P.

"I'm giving toward GIAW because I cannot be there this year and I'm so grateful to those who will be there advocating!

And also because you saved MY son - in hopes that this can save another sweet boy."

Craig A.

Danielle O.

Amanda S.

Candice Y.

Kari O.

Courtney J.

Nancy J.

Christina K.

Lindsey M.

Dana G.

"For my brother, who was not protected, while I was."

Brian T.

"Your mission impacts millions. We hope to help in some small way."

Larry M.

Meghan N-P.

Kenneth S.

Gary H.

Robberto P.

Louise R.

Emily B.

"Everyone ought to have the right to inhabit the body they were born with. Let's spread the word!"

Sarah V.

Gary B.

Dolores S.

Greg R.

Jennifer C.

Heather R.

Kathryn C.

Amanda H.

Tabitha M.

Christina L.

Virginia M.

Candice A.

Taryn M.

Carrie D.

Marigrace M.

Jennifer E.

Tabitha M.

Elizabeth S. 

Jessica S.

"In honor of our beautiful, intact son, Harlan."

Cody B.

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